Colette Katz is like a saviour to say the least. She is so experienced, professional and sincere. Working with her is painless. She really knows what she is doing, definitely made me feel in good hands and the results are completely beyond anybodys expectations .. She dissmised my 3 scooter tickets like magic. I had never dreamed that is actually possible to happen ... She is also very communicative and pro active with information before you even think to follow up with her. I highly recommend hiring Colette and not even worry from there.

Tawfik S.

She is very professional and gives you some of the best advice without charging you a penny. Bottomline, she delivers what she claims

Gazi A.

I hired Colette to represent me for a traffic ticket I received for using a cell phone (electronic device) while driving and was able to get my case dismissed. She is professional and handled the case seemlessly. I simply asked her a question about a ticket at the South Manhattan Traffic Violations Bureau Office about to enter into the room and hoping to get it dismissed. She is an expert and instead of hoping, I hired her, fought and won the case for me. Saved me 5 points and fine. Worth every penny. Her rates were affordable even for a guy like me who’s unemployed. Best Traffic Violations Lawyer of NYC - hands down!

Edward S.

Did a terrific job... thank you for winning my case

Oneil S.

Most definately the best representation in traffic court and most honest straight forward attorney I have engaged. 100% professional follow through on all comittments and she won both my cases! A gem of a person and a fighter on your side! If you got a moving violation don’t even think of going into court against the officer who gave you the ticket because the system is stacked against you. Even the playing field and actually get the advantage by hiring Colette Katz. I have a clean license for the first time in forever because she is my Lawyer.

David P.

Colette Katz did represent me on several moving violations. She is dependable & will do her best to save me from getting points. The case was dismissed!

Chitt B.

I was in a situation that I thought money couldn’t even fix, but with help of the Katz Law Firm I was able to come out better than I ever expected. Ridiculously Stupendous describes the work she does. I highly recommend her for all and any traffic tickets!!!

Michael L.

Wow I’am amazed at her work , she is one of the best lawyer you can hire just in a matter of days my case got Dismissed 2 points out the window ,men my money was well spend!! Thank you so much

Chris G.

Hands down the BEST firm you can hire when having to deal with a trafffic violation. Attorney Katz not only saved me 5 points on my drivers license, she was courteous, a pleasure to speak with and professional throughout the entire process. A DEFINITE recommendation to anyone who's been issued a traffic violation. Save yourself the headache of having to request personal time off of work and give them a call. The peace of mind knowing an experienced attorney is making sure they'll do all in their power to ensure the decision is in your favor is totally worth it! Thanks again!

Hank M.

Men when I tell you guys put your money on a Good lawyer it’s worth it , Colette Katz’s is one of the best lawyer I had ,she done an incredible job handle all my traffic tickets with great results by that I mean dismissing my tickets with out a problem she find a way to get it done and I can tell you with out her i could’ve kiss goodbye to my license but I thanks God I spend my money with the Right lawyer

Chris G.

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