Choose Colette Katz as Your DUI Defense Attorney

Traffic Law Attorney in Manhattan, New York, NY

Have you been charged with a DUI? Call Colette Katz Law Firm of New York, NY for reliable legal representation. Attorney Katz will assess your charges, prepare a solid defense and work diligently to get you a favorable outcome.

Don't let a DUI charge ruin your life

Did you know that a DUI offense is a serious charge that can result in heavy fines, jail time and license suspension? Choose attorney Katz as your DUI defense lawyer, and she'll:

  • Carefully investigate your drunk driving charges
  • Try to reduce the repercussions of your ticket and prevent points from going on your license
  • Fight aggressively to keep your license from getting suspended

Let a reputable New York, NY DUI defense attorney handle your charges. Call 917-548-9907 to schedule your free consultation with Colette Katz Law Firm of New York, NY.