Drivers: if you decide to hire a lawyer, use them correctly. Allow your lawyer to decide when and why to reschedule your hearing, rather than doing it yourself. They know the subtleties involved better than you do. That’s why you hired them.

1.  Your ticket has points. If your ticket concerns equipment malfunction or failure (headlights, tinted windows, etc.), or perhaps improper pickup, there are no points. You have the choice to pay the ticket, defend it yourself or hire an attorney. 2. You have a 0-point ticket and a ticket carrying points. Time to lawyer up. Rather than have

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Tip from your friendly Traffic Attorney:  Did you know that Bus Lane Violation is now a 2-point ticket?  Drivers, beware!

Did you know that taking a defensive driving course every 18 months can lower points for your next hearing, as well as keeping your insurance at a lower rate. Show you’re a safe driver — take the course!